Land has always been a valuable asset. Indians have fought for it and Americans have pursued to own it. Throughout the centuries the need for land has increased considerably. Property owners are oftentimes at a loss as to what they can accomplish with the land they possess. They have no idea how to make their land work for them. Some property owners have a lot of great ideas but they lack the knowledge. This is where a reliable and knowledgeable property and development management company comes in. We are a property development company located in Ukiah, California. Buying land for development purposes tends to be the best way to get into the property investment business.

We make barren land fertile by building homes, apartments or shopping malls. Landowners can choose legal entity they want to purchase their land. Our customers can choose a personal approach or a corporate one. This is an important decision land and property developers need to know. For investment purposes banks and investors want to know the legal structure of the company. At Faizan we work to ensure that everyone get exactly what they pay for. We develop land and projects from the beginning to the ending. We help with the initial start-up process which can be difficult for new investors.